An initial consultation (on the phone or via video chat) will help determine the design direction, and what you are looking for in your branding. This is meant to be a casual conversation, not a presentation. I want to hear about your WHY and the passion behind it. Following the call, a comprehensive Branding Worksheet is sent over to collect all the necessary information to get started. Once that is filled out, a design deposit (50% of the quote) is due in order to begin.

The first take will usually include 2-3 "design directions" which help steer the development. We basically take what you said, and how you said it, and turn it into color profiles, typography samples and some sneak peak at logos. Once a design direction is chosen, we star the real work.

Here we dig deep. We dive into the leading of letters, the kerning of the body text, exploring accessory font, layering textures and creating an ultimate brand profile. During this part, five rounds of changes (done via email) are permitted without additional fees. Once we have landed and everyone says "yay!" we start the wrap up.  


What is included in your "branding package?"
The minimum package include an inspiration board, three logos (one main logo, and then two alternates), a full color profile with values for both print and web, a full typography set with directions for usage, in-use brand examples and instructions and one piece of designed collateral (this can be business cards, a product label, letterhead, etc.)

What does it cost?
All client needs are different. Therefore, we don't necessarily have ONE set price for all needs. However, the "Branding Package" detailed above typically starts at $4500 and can go upwards of $8000 depending on the scope of work and any additional add on's.  

Do you send me all the logos when they are done?
Yes! All logo files will be handed over in .jpeg and .png files (and the raw .ai or .psd if needed). 

What if I want to add more collateral, can I do that?
Absolutely! During the initial consultation we will dive in to anything else you might need. Here are just some of the things we've been asked to add: social media launch graphics, Instagram story button icons, business cards, letterhead, mailing labels, package design, tissue paper design, envelopes, thank you cards, packaging inserts, email signatures, and more. 


I'd love to work with you!

Let's do it