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Whether it's the sharp architecture of Copenhagen's downtown corridor, or the rich textures of Sayulita's cobblestone streets, these designs are meant to be translated into beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations. Keep in mind that each suite is completely customizable in color and embellishments to fit your wedding. Want to add an illustration of your venue?  Great! Want to add a custom wax seal to your Save the Date? We’re on it.Want to completely overhaul the color palette with a custom color set to match your wedding?  We can do that too. 

how it works

Select your suite

Browse the collections and pick the one that fits your wedding's aesthetic the best. Add the desired pieces and quantities to your cart. Now let's make it bespoke.

Customize it

Add on all your custom add-ons from our embellishment shop like envelope liners, wax seals, ribbon and more. You can even select to have a color change from our color guide to match your wedding palette. 

place your order

Once you check-out, well will send a questionnaire to collect all your information. You will have a fully customized suite in your inbox for approval within 7 business days.

We print, you assemble

Once the final proofs are approved, we send you order for production. You will receive all your suite pieces with an assembly guide to pack up and send to your guests!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ section designed to answer just about everything....

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What people are

"We were blown away with the entire process of ordering semi-custom invitations with Camille! We paid for a custom color consultation and her designs made it SO hard to pick the one we loved most. They were amazing quality and all of our guests said how much they loved them."

kayla + Chris

"We ordered the Copenhagen 4-piece suite and loved that we were able to change the color and add some embellishments to really make our invitations stand out. Camille even suggested adding a gold thread to wrap around and we thought it was the perfect touch to finish the look!"

Meghan + Mark

"I could cry at how AMAZING they turned out. We were so happy with the quality and really this entire process has been fantastic. As a type A person myself, the fact that everything was already packaged, labeled as international, photographer etc.. is simply incredible and so appreciated. I would recommend Camille over and over again!"

sydney + Kevin

Want to take your semi custom suite to the next level? Shop the full collection of add-on embellishments and services by clicking below. This includes custom wax seals, envelope liners, color consultations, venue illustrations and more. 

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Can't decide which suite you want to purchase? No worries. We offer curated sample packs that includes a wide range of our paper choices and colors so you can see all the offerings. Click the button below to read more about how to order!

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Our Day of Stationery items coordinate flawlessly with your invitation aesthetic. From welcome signs to escort cards, menus and table numbers we have created a seamless look from start to finish.

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Semi-Custom Design Questions

Can I change the color of the pieces/suites?

How much is a consultation? What does it cover?

Do I get to see the design before i order it?

Design begins once the payment is made in full and the questionnaires are filled out. We will send you a digital mock-up of the complete design before ordering any printed material. Unfortunately, we cannot order hard-copy printed samples of your specific design, but do offer sample packs of the suites (in many of the available colors) if you would like to see paper colors.

Can I change the wording, fonts or design?

Yes and no. We will take each request on a case-by-case basis and ALWAYS encourage you to inquire before purchasing if you are not sure if we will allow what you are requesting. We have worked hard to create templates that offer a wide range of layouts, formality, text styles to accommodate small changes. Examples of what we DO allow are:
- Adding meal selections to the RSVP Card
- Adding a section or changing a section title on the details card
- Adding a monogram (for example, the Manhattan suite) to the back of the RSVP card
- Changing "Please deliver to" to "Kindly deliver to" on the outer envelope
- Changing the collection font/swapping it places. For example, using the script on the Sayulita collection on the RSVP envelope

Example of items we DO NOT allow because they would interrupt the integrity of the design. Please note that by purchasing our suites you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Font changes of any kind. Our collection fonts are licenses commercially which allow us to use them in this capacity. If you don't like the font, we can try using another font used in *the same collection* in it's place but we do not allow 1:1 swap outs.
  2. Major text layout changes or additions. For example, if the template DOES NOT include parents names on the invitation, we most likely will not be able to add them because it would throw off the entire balance of the design. Instead, we encourage you to look/explore our designs that do include parents names to make sure everyone is happy.
  3. Adding photos to the Save the Dates. We don't allow this for a few reasons... First being that it would change the entire design (see item 2 above) and secondly, the paper we use in our collections has a matte, toothy/textured finish which is not optimal for printing photos on. If you want to include a photo, you are more than welcome to print it separately and add it into the suite!

Do I get to keep the digital files afterward?

No. All of our work is copyrighted and remains with Robinson Creative House. The one exception we have is if you are purchasing a personal or commercial license for the Venue Illustration.

Can I add embellishments to my order?

Absolutely! We have designed our suites to include some matching embellishments, as well as a full a la carte shop that includes wax seals, liners, addressing services and more. If you wish something not listed,  please let us know and we can arrange a consultation (email us at hello@robinsoncreativehouse.com).

How long does it take to get my pieces/suites?

Please allow about 7-10 days total to complete the final digital proofs of your order and another 5-6 weeks for the entire ordering process. We are a small shop and while we try to accommodate all deadlines, we cannot offer a rush design service, but can always upgrade your shipping from standard to priority/overnight. See below for our recommended timeline.

How far in advance should I order my wedding pieces?

We recommend starting the semi-custom ordering process at least 6 weeks BEFORE you would like them IN HAND. This usually means about 4 months before the wedding if not sooner. Our “ideal” sending structure is below:
 • Wedding Day: June 1
 • Reply Card “reply by” date: 4-6 weeks before wedding date (April 15)
 • Sending of suites to guests: 8-10 weeks before wedding date (March 15)
 • Ordering Semi-Custom Suites: Allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping (No later than February 1st)
*For international weddings where a majority of your guest list is traveling abroad, we recommend sending them at least 5 months before the wedding so there is ample time to make arrangements. 

Can I add inserts/additional cards to my suite?

Yes! Although this is a semi-custom collection, we do understand that the details are what make these suites stand out. If you’d like to incorporate an additional card or design (a map, venue illustration) or printed element or embellishment (envelope liner or wax seal) please email us and we will be happy to add that to your order!

Once an order is placed, you will receive a worksheet to collect all the necessary information within 2 business days (unless the shop is closed which will be posted on the website). After the worksheet is complete and submitted a digital draft will be sent for approval within 7 business days. Upon final artwork approval we will send them to print and order any extra embellishments. 

How many should I order? 

We often recommend ordering at least 10-15 extra of EACH item. This means if you are planning to send 100 invitations sets, we would order the next quantity up at 125. This allows you to have a few on hand just in case one does not get delivered, or something gets lost in the mail (please see our shipping policies). This also allows you to have a copy as a keepsake or one suite for your photographer. Trust us, you want extras!

What if I didn’t order enough, can I order more?

If you need more of an item, please let us know ASAP. If we can catch it before we print, we will gladly add more and invoice you the added cost. If you need more after we have already shipped the package, a new set up fee will be charged and additional copies will be ordered as well as a secondary shipping fee.

Do you provide assembly? 

No. The reason we are able to offer our suites at such a great price (and speed) is that we don't do any assembly! Plus, now you have a reason to get your friends and family together for an assembly partyy!

Do you provide postage?

No. You suite will come with an assembly guide that has an entire section dedicated to postage. We HIGHLY recommend visiting your local post office to weigh your suite to make sure you have the correct amount of postage. Robinson Creative House is not liable for any suites that come back for incorrect postage.

Can I cancel or get a refund for my Semi-Custom order?

Yes and no. Please see our full Terms and Conditions, but here are the cliff notes:

100% refund
If you cancel the order before you receive the worksheet for the wording details (aka, no design work has been completed), we can offer 100% refund. A cancellation order request has to be communicated immediately and done before a worksheet is submitted. If you submit the worksheet and then cancel after design work has started, it is up to the designer how much can be refunded. 

50% refund
If you have decided to cancel the order once the design work has been completed and approved, only 50% of the final invoice total will be refunded. Basically, we will not charge you for the printing, materials and shipping fees associated with the order. 

0% refund
If you decide to cancel (or change) the order once it has been sent to print, we cannot offer a refund. This includes all fees due at the time of the order. Due to the custom nature of the order once it has been changed to fit your details, we cannot resell/use the item and therefore no refund will be issued. 

Shipping Questions

What shipping method do you use?

We ship all our packages with USPS ground shipping. For international packages, additional custom fees may apply and will be the responsibility of the client. Please note the international orders will require a longer shipping time.

Can I rush ship my order?

Once we receive the printed goods, we can absolutely upgrade from ground shipping to priority 2-day or overnight. Please inquire and we can quote the rates may change based on destination zone and package weight. 

Can I track my order once you ship it?

Yes! We will be sending you a tracking number once the item(s) leave our office. Any delays in shipping once we have dropped it off at the post office are out of our hands (please see our shipping policies). 

What happens if my order doesn’t show up or is damaged upon delivery?

While we try everything in our power to not let this happen, once orders leave our hands, it’s out of our control. We do not insure our packages as standard practice, so if you’d like to add insurance, please inquire/let us know before we ship the item. We can also add "signature" required if it is requested. 

Robinson Creative House is not liable for any lost, stolen, delayed or damaged packages. 

We've tried to include everything, but we know sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you have a question regarding any part of the process, please send us an email at hello@robinsoncreativehouse.com and we will be sure to get back to you or read the full Terms and Conditions here.

still have questions?