Custom Venue Illustration 

Simply add the appropriate venue illustration to your cart and we will be in touch to collect any and all information before we start drawing. This includes talking about the size, where/how it will be used, color, etc. The venue, building or dwelling will be illustrated in Camille's signature style (line work/sketched in a single color) and be finalized as digital artwork only. 

Please note the purchase options below:
OPTION 1: Venue illustration only. One (1) digital drawing to be used on an existing/previously purchased semi-custom suite.

OPTION 2: Venue illustration + personal license. This allows you to use the drawing however you'd like, but for personal use only. Personal licensing terms and conditions can be found here.

OPTION 3: Venue illustration + commercial license. We will send the final imagery as an editable .svg file that allows you to change the size, color, add text and print/resell the image without consent. 

If you have questions about what each options includes/means in terms of licensing, please visit our licensing page here.

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