Once 100% payment is made through the website, a custom form will be sent to the client to collect the information (one for the details that go on the piece selected, and one to collect addresses in our template if applicable) Please allow at least 2-3 business days for this process as we are closed on the weekends and all major US holidays. If orders are placed after 3PM PST on any given day, the processing will happen the following business day. If orders are placed after 4PM PST on Friday, the processing of the order will begin on Monday as day 1. 

Once the client receives the form to collect information, they have 5 business days to submit it back to us. If the client takes longer then 5 business days, delays in the entire process are likely. We will not begin design until the form is submitted back to us. Failure to include information (missing addresses, missing information for the details card), will also delay the process. If you have questions about the form, please email us to clarify before submitting. 

Addresses MUST be set up in the exact format the template specifies, otherwise we will ask you to reformat. Names must be written exactly how you would like them to be printed (ie. Mr. and Mrs. versus John and Jane Doe). There will be instructions in the form itself, but if you have any questions, please email us before submitting.
Please note that the design of each suite was set up to have information displayed a particular way so there are limitations to requesting changes, especially on the invitations. We will review each change request, but ultimately it is up to the designers discretion. For example, if you order the Bali suite, we cannot add parents names or “together with their families” above the couples name. The intent of the design was for it to have the couples names displayed boldly and alone at the top. We encourage you to look through each template and decide which wording structure fits your needs best before placing your order. If you place an order and did not read this part, we can give you a partial refund (please see the cancel/refund policy at the bottom).

Once the questionnaire is submitted back to us, content is considered approved and design will begin. Please allow up to 7 business days for our team to input your information into our template and send you a digital proof of your piece. Please note that we cannot run print copies/test prints of your suites with your information. One round of minimal changes is allowed (spelling, grammar, edits to dates/names). If there are additional rounds of edits needed, those will be negotiated separately and at the designers discretion for a fee.

If there are any additions to the suite (embellishments, additional prints, expedited shipping), the client will be billed at this time. All final payments must be made before anything is sent to print. 

Once the client approves the final digital proofs, we will send your pieces to print. Most print projects take about 3 weeks to print, but please note that we partner with other local small businesses in the area that do our printing. On the rare occasion that there are any delays on our end, we will communicate them but are not liable for delays in the schedule due to our vendors. Please allow yourself extra time to get them ordered! *Please note that COVID has delayed our printing timelines to about 4-5 weeks per project*

If any changes are needed after items are sent to print (including edits to content, number of pieces, added embellishments) reprint costs and added service set up will be billed to the client. Mistakes made on envelopes (wrong address, guests that have moved, incorrect spellings) will also be billed to the client for reprint fees.

Once we receive your items back from our print partners, we will inspect to ensure all the quantities are there, and we will package up/assemble one suite for you. Instructions on how to assemble the rest of the suites will be included in the package. Please read the guide, as it contains important information about assembly, postage rates, and mailing!

We will communicate with you once your package is in transit. We ship all of our packages with USPS priority shipping with insurance. Please read USPS insurance guidelines here as we are not liable for any delayed, missing, damaged or stolen items. 

Design and Printing: Please keep in mind that colors seen on screen will vary on every computer monitor. If you have any hesitations on color selection during the design process, please be sure to communicate that with our studio and/or order a sample pack. Please note that CMYK (digital) printing can range depending on the printer and print vendor. Colors seen on monitors also may differ from computer to physical print products. So while we strive to always achieve exact ink and paper matches, there can be slight variances between products. 

Materials: If a particular paper color is out of stock once we are ready for ordering, we will replace it with something as close as possible to the original color. In cases where almost identical matches can be substituted, Robinson Creative House reserves the right to make a replacement decision without the consent of the client(s). In the case that ALL paper colors in the original requested color shade/family is out of stock we, will communicate with the client(s) to decide on a replacement.   

Quality: We take great pride in the quality of our all products leaving our studio! Every piece of stationery that arrives from an outside vendor is counted and inspected for blemishes. If anything is not at the standard of our design team, we will reprint the stationery pieces free of charge. 

The designer owns all copyrights in any and all work(s) it creates or produces pursuant to federal copyright law (Title 17, Chapter 2, Section 201-02 of the United States Code), whether registered or unregistered. 

Client may ship, display, and enjoy the work(s) designer creates for client, but client may not under any circumstances alter or sell all or part of these work(s). For example, client may not hire designer to create wedding invitation suites and use any of the artwork on the suites on additional artwork or stationery, such as menus, sandwich boards, guest charts, or other work(s). 

Refunds and cancellation are based upon how much work is completed. Unlike our fully custom suites, we don’t split the deposit and printing fees up front so it is at the designers discretion on how much work was completed. Please see the list below for our cancellation and refund policy. If you have any questions during this process, please email us! We will try to accommodate each client as best we can but please understand we are a small business and everything we do is to create a better experience for our customers. We are reasonable people, please be kind!

100% refund
If you cancel the order before you receive the worksheet for the wording details (aka, no design work has been completed), we can offer 100% refund. A cancellation order request has to be communicated immediately and done before a worksheet is submitted. If you submit the worksheet and then cancel after design work has started, it is up to the designer how much can be refunded. 

50% refund
If you have decided to cancel the order once the design work has been completed and approved, only 50% of the final invoice total will be refunded. Basically, we will not charge you for the printing, materials and shipping fees associated with the order. 

0% refund
If you decide to cancel (or change) the order once it has been sent to print, we cannot offer a refund. This includes all fees due at the time of the order. Due to the custom nature of the order once it has been changed to fit your details, we cannot resell/use the item and therefore no refund will be issued. 

If there was an error with spelling, grammar, size, color, etc. with the order, the redesign, reprint and shipping will be to the cost of the Client and not Robinson Creative House. 

The R Collective Semi-Custom Wedding Collection
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