Custom Wax Seal

This listing is for our a custom pre-made peel-and-stick wax seal. We will work with you to design a completely custom seal you can use for your wedding suite or mailing. Whether it's you names, initials, monogram, a floral illustration or something completely unique, we can do it!

Upon checkout, we will send you a custom order form to collect the color, shape, edge style and a little detail about your desired design. Please note these seals do not include assembly on to your physical suite but arrive with the easy peel-and-stick backing for you to apply to your desired location.

Please note: Our exclusive Robinson Creative House seals and stampers are intended for personal use only. If you are a stationer (or any other small business), feel free to use them as part of one of your client’s projects. However, you may NOT use our stamps to sell self-adhesive wax seals in your own shop. Re-sell of any kind is not permitted. 

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Pre-made wax seals