Postage Consultation

Need some help choosing your postage? We can help curate a set of postage that will not only enhance the look and feel of the suite, but will also be real mailing-capable postage. Because every mailing is different, this listing is just for the deposit/consultation regarding postage and does not include the actual cost of the stamps. So we have included a couple options to choose from:

OPTION 1: We curate, you order!
If after the consultation you would like to handle the ordering of the postage (this is common for our folks who don't want to go the vintage route, but rather order in-stock USPS postage) you are free to do so! We will send over the final look and let you handle the rest. 

OPTION 2: We handle the curation and ordering.
Once we have landed on a curated set, we will send a separate invoice to cover the cost of the stamps themselves. Please note that current in-stock postage at the USPS and with our vintage collectors/vendors is constantly changing so we will always come up with alternates if needed. 

OPTION 3: We handle the curation, ordering and assembly!
Same as option 2 (above) but we will also handle the actual placement of the stamps on the guest envelopes. Please note that this service will require the purchase of the full assembly services add on here and the acceptance of our terms and conditions/fine print.

deposit only

the fine print

We take great pride in assembling our suites with the highest attention to detail and with delicate care. Robinson Creative House will use their expertise and best judgement for assembling all suite pieces, including the postage, embellishments and add-ons. Any mailings that are returned to sender, lost, stolen, incorrectly addresses or damaged once they are mailed to the client is not the responsibility of  Robinson Creative House. If any additional mailings need to be sent in addition to the original list that was provided, the client will need to use extra materials to assemble, address and send. 

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